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From the original article by Merry Richter: "Your brand is the sum total of your reputation, both personal and professional.

It’s a representation of your skills, character, trustworthiness, dedication, honesty, work ethic, appearance, and personality.

Basically every aspect of yourself that employers, co-workers, friends and family care about…everything that makes you YOU."

Robin Good: But the issue is, how can you take control, steer and direct your personal activities online so that they contribute to build up a "brand" that reflects your key strength and abilities?

"It’s scary to realize that some portion of your brand is being determined and communicated by other people, but in the age of hyper-social sharing, commenting and endorsing on the sites we all know and love, that’s exactly what’s happening.

So now, more than ever, it’s essential to take control of your brand. Write your own story before someone else writes it for you.

The first aspect of this is fairly obvious: live up to your own hype.

Deliver on the promises (implied and otherwise) that you’ve made..."

Basic. 7/10

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